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    The Trademark Ordinance, 2001 (i.e. Ordinance), and Trademark Rules 2004 (i.e. Rules) came into force on 12th April 2004 – Ordinance focused on : Procedure for registration; Opposition; Registration and effect; Infringement proceedings; importation of infringement goods etc; Unfair competition; Comparative advertisement;Assignment; Use of trademarks and license; Paris Convention; Rectification;Offence and penalties; Appeals, & General Provisions; Special provisions
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  Letters Patent document is granted under the Patent Ordinance, 2000 and Patent Rules, 2003. Requirements for filing in Pakistan are: (a) application (prescribed form) may be signed by an agent, or by an attorney on behalf of applicant
  There are 14 classes (based on the composition) of articles implicating the “design” and registration is granted by class under the Design Ordinance, 2000.
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Trade Mark Service patent-law-novelty Copyright Service Domain Name Service

      Copyright in Pakistan is governed by Copyright Ordinance, 1962 and Copyright Rules, 1967.
The works protected under the copyright laws are: literary works including computer program, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works (including drawings, maps, photographs and architectural works), cinematographic works, and records.
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   Our firm is qualified and has in fact registered several names under the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, .tv, .ws, in, .af, com.af, .cc, .eu, .us, .co.uk, .pk and .com.pk. top level domain on behalf of our clients with the assistance of PKNIC.
It is not necessary for obtaining a domain name registration with PKNIC in respect of a trade mark that the applicant must have registered the trade mark in Pakistan.

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